Difference between MSN and Live

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Difference between MSN and Live

Post by idansh »

What is the difference between MSN and Live search engines, did they colide both into one search engine ?
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Guesses on msn vs. live

Post by thyseo »

There is no collision at msn. We can only use our imagination to say things about msn search and live. Things like:
They are used to complement each other.
The difference is in the algorithm make-up.
There is no difference, it is only a shift in the weight of some algorithms. Live puts more weight on updates - get it, Live means present time.
Msn search is phasing out and Live is on the up.
If they both had the same algorithms then msn could only have 1 search engine, but with two urls.
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Post by lajocar »

There are no difference between the two

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