What do you think about SMS marketing?

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Re: What do you think about SMS marketing?

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Marketing through Bulk SMS services are considered one of the safest and secure methods of communicating with customers and audiences in this era of sharp practices. Compared to other digital marketing strategies, the Bulk SMS Service is the most personal form of communication through which you get in touch with your audiences directly through their mobile devices.
I will Suggest That link for trusted SMS Services: http://www.msgclub.net/sms-service/bulk-sms.aspx

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Re: What do you think about SMS marketing?

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SMS marketing is a type of marketing that reaches your customers through text messages, it is still useful but now WhatsApp marketing is also in trend.

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Re: What do you think about SMS marketing?

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Mobile marketing is the best way to promote any business, its a huge and effective marketing trick.
In Today's generation, 99% population have their own mobile. Even if they are not using the internet but having mobile ratio is more than the people having internet.

Bulk SMS is the fastest way to promote any business. Its the fastest way to reach people and tell them about your business. Text marketing helps to keep your existing customers coming back

Our system can send messages at the speed of 500 SMS/per sec it means it will take just 3.5 min total to deliver messages to 1 lakh people.

Looking For a way to boost your ROI?
Text Message marketing Could be the answer.

Do You know?
More than 90% of text messages are opened within minutes.

How To Send Effective Messages.

If you want your message should be read by most of the people it's better to send Small in length and meaning full messages. Always finish your message and detail in 1 to 2 lines. Give your mobile number or website name for more details. Small messages are read by 95% of the people by first glance. if you are sending long messages most of the people will open the message and then ignore it without reading the content. So in terms to get the good response out of your bulk SMS campaigning must send qualitative content instead of quantitative.

What are Transactional, Promotional or OTP messages?

There are Three types of messages
1. Transactional Messages
2. Promotional Messages
3. OTP Messages

i.) Transactional Messages: these are messages that are used to send information, notifications to your customer. mostly used by schools colleges, banks, online shopping sites etc.

ii.) Promotional Messages: these are messages that are used to promote any business, product, company services etc. mostly used by the online stores, insurance companies, political parties, hospitals etc. these messages can be sent only between 9am to 9pm and can only be sent on numbers that are not registered under NDNC Registry.

iii.) OTP Messages: OTP messages are used by the banks and some online companies to send their customers One Time Password, these messages are high priority messages it delivers under 10 second of customer request.

If you are looking for Effective promotional & Transactional messages
Visit: BULK SMS PLANS or Call Us at 7404900081

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Re: What do you think about SMS marketing?

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SMS marketing is worthy if you have right customer database.

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