Program to check backlinks?

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Program to check backlinks?

Post by nikjing »

Is there a program I can download on my computer that can check the backlinks of my site on yahoo, google and msn and tell me the pr of the url where my backlink is?

I would also like the program to be able to make all the backlink location urls and link exchange to be hyperlinked so that I can just click the link to visit the page where the backlink to my site is located.

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Post by Stella »

You don't have to download software:
My favorite tools:
and (can show PR of your backlinks)
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Post by SeLFiE_12 »

i agree with addition you may want to try ... ftware/... for checking if your link is still live on those site you ask for link exchange... :)
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Post by Janna122003 »

You can try this tool
[b][url=]Actuator[/url][/b] by MEA Inc.

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